No more ignoring letters. Hand-delivered, in person to your debtor at their confirmed address.

What is process serving?

Process serving is simple but can be a vital part of debt collection. Often, debtors may ignore letters or plead they never received any. This elongates the legal process causing frustration for creditors.

To resolve this, Are You Owed Money's team will ensure your documents definitely reach your debtors. The act of process serving seems simple; hand documents over to a debtor. However, this can often be more complicated than first thought.

If the debtor attempts to be illusive tracing and personal checks can determine you have the right person/location. Our full service covers these checks, ensuring our agents are certain of your debtor's location.

Once your debtors have been located our team will then deliver your documents directly into debtor's hands. Documents are delivered personally whether the debtor wishes to take the documents or not. We do this because we understand the importance of having confirmation that your documents have been handed over.

How we can help?

With our vast experience we are prepared for any divisive tactics that may be used on our team. With this experience we can give you the best chance of confirming all legal documentation is passed over to your debtor.

This leaves them with no ability to claim documents were lost or had not been received. Confirmed receipt gives you a powerful position if legal proceedings are brought into the collection process.

If a debtor is particularly evasive we have a number of techniques and people to employ as agents. We provide regular training to all our staff, remaining up to date with best techniques; including dealing with debtors face to face. Because of this we pride ourselves on having excellent communication skills; able to speak confidently to any debtor.


Are You Owed Money have a professional, experienced team who can answer all queries regarding the collection of your debts.

Our in house team and extended network specialise in all areas of debt recovery. Process serving can be a vital tool when the legal system is involved. Because of this we strive to offer reliable, fast service. Our team have years of experience talking to and delivering to debtors, even if they are initially reluctant or confrontational.

We also have a proven strategy for every outcome. We can chase debt, prepare legal documentation and enforce both CCJs and high court writs if a debtor is uncooperative. The key for us is to do all we can to bring a swift outcome benefiting you, the client.

We provide a service intended to be open, clear and trustworthy. We want you to know that when you entrust any aspect of debt collection AYOM, you can feel safe under our stewardship.

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