Proceeding down the legal route when non-legal methods fail to achieve the desired result.

Legal documentation

When a debtor is uncooperative, legal documentation is sometimes necessary. Applying to county courts or escalating to the high court can ensure your debt recovery is faster.

The first step in utilising legal documents is a County Court Judgment (CCJ). This is a legal order stating that the debtor is legally obliged to pay their debt promptly. Failing to do so can cause significant problems in the form of further fees and the CCJ being on record for 6 years. This heavily hampers their ability to obtain credit cards or have loans/ mortgages (or any other form of credit).

Should a defendant not resolve their CCJ, the next step is to apply for a high court writ. A writ allows enforcement officers to recover either payment in person or property which would go towards paying the debt. Enforcement of a writ is one of several resorts but is a strong legal position to hold over a debtor.

Preparation and enforcement

Are You Owed Money has an expert on site legal team with years of experience to help you prepare all necessary documents for legal proceedings. We can offer:

  • Advice on correct procedure
  • Estimated time-spans
  • Assistance with progressing through the process

We also have a network of specialists to enforce your documentation. Our team allows as seamless a transition as possible covering a full suite of services. We not only trace, report and chase debtors, but our legal team can provide those next steps should they prove necessary.


Are You Owed Money have a professional, experienced team who can answer all queries regarding the collection of your debts.

While it is never originally intended to require the enforcement of a debt, our network can assist with every stage efficiently and professionally. We offer a service covering recovery, preparation of legal documents, escalation to the county or high court and more.

Our in house team and network of trained officers will act expertly on your behalf to ensure you are taken through the process swiftly and simply. We also ensure you understand every part of the process so you are comfortable with all legal proceedings.

We provide a service intended to be open, clear and trustworthy. We want you to know that when you entrust any aspect of debt collection or enforcement to AYOM, you can feel safe under our stewardship.

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