Making a Judgement pay through Enforcement. Tracing, servicing and recovering of monies following a judgement.

What is enforcement?

Enforcement relates to a number of scenarios within debt recovery. It can be enforcing a CCJ (County Court Judgment) or higher if needed. In either situation, a debt is likely to have stretched beyond a time you are satisfied with; enough to take appropriate legal action.

A CCJ is an attempt to speed up payment. Not paying the debt from a CCJ within 1 month will affect a debtor's credit by remaining on file for 6 years. It limits borrowing and can scupper financial plans like buying a house/ car or applying for credit when making purchases.

A high court writ is the next step. Should a debtor still refuse to pay following a CCJ, you can apply to the high court to appoint an enforcement officer. These officers have the power recover the value of the debt from a debtor even if it means seizing goods or property to cover the cost.

Of course, going to such measures is never wanted by a creditor but is sometimes necessary to ensure you are repaid. The process can be frustrating which is why we have a full network to take care of every step for you.

What can we do for you?

Are You Owed Money has a UK wide network of specialists to help at any stage of enforcement.

Upon receipt of the CCJ and transfer of court fee, we can instruct high court enforcement officers, meaning that you can sit back knowing that from start to finish your debt case is being handled by experts.

CCJs and enforcement provide you with a way to disprove or resolve any dispute put forward by your debtor. It provides you with the highest chance possible of recovering the full monies owed to you, with the fewest complications.

Our partners can enforce any CCJ over the value of £600 and are able to enforce a wide range of judgements including:

  • Commercial rent arrears
  • Service charge arrears
  • Tenant eviction - residential
  • Commercial forfeiture of lease
  • Employment tribunal and ACAS awards


Are You Owed Money have a professional, experienced team who can answer all queries about collecting your debts.

While it is never originally intended to require the enforcement of a debt, our network can assist with every stage efficiently and professionally. We offer as full a service as you need whether that covers enforcement, the preparation of legal documents or full escalation to the high court.

Our in house team and trained officers will act expertly on your behalf to ensure you are taken through the process swiftly and simply.

We provide a service intended to be open, clear and trustworthy. We want you to know that when you entrust any aspect of debt collection or enforcement to AYOM, you can feel safe under our stewardship.

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