Why choose Are You Owed Money (AYOM) as your debt collection partner?

Here for you

AYOM has a well established team in what can be a very crowded and unstable market. Debt collection agencies often vary greatly on what they offer and at times can't deliver on what they claim.

Are You Owed Money are different. Our years of experience and well moulded team offer a wide set of services, all of which we perform to a high standard. We incorporate industry best practices under all necessary marks of excellence.

We do this to give you every confidence in us. We want to create a reliable, hard working, trustworthy service; giving you everything you need to know to understand the process. We also strive to do this while quickly and confidently performing our duties.

Keeping you updated

We have a dedicated team able to provide you with the latest update on your debts. If you would prefer to be called, emailed or sent an SMS we can keep you informed the way you want. Our team are available during usual working hours, but, for out of hours updates, we have more ways of keeping you informed.

To make updates even easier, we have developed a fully integrated, easy to use client portal. Giving you real time updates on how we are chasing your debt and when. This lets you see just how we are going about working for you.

Accessible via any computer, tablet or mobile device, simply login and take a look through your records. You can see when we contacted your debtor and how including calls, texts, letters, faxes and visits.

Flexibility of service

When we say we provide a "full suite" of services, we do so with the intention of giving you as much control over chasing debts as you desire. We are able to split our services into specifics from background checks on clients to legal services to actual recovery.

This lets you select whether you want to perform some of the recovery yourself or if you wish for us to completely handle the matter. Our services available are as follows:

If you would like one or more services to help collect money you are owed, you can get in touch with us on 0800 130 3357 Monday-Thursday 9am-5.15pm and Friday 9am-4pm.

Alternatively you can also contact us via email at enquiries@ayom.co.uk or you can fill in our enquiry form here. One of our team will get back to you to discuss your needs and how we can help

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Have you had experience with Are You Owed Money? Many already have. We pride ourselves on running an open, reliable service leaving you feeling you've got value for money.

To take a look at what customers are already saying about us and see for yourself via our testimonials page. We work diligently to get you what you deserve. We strive to be the best debt collection agency in the UK. With a combination of experience, expert knowledge and sustained customer satisfaction, we believe we can be the agency of choice to resolve your debt recovery issues.

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