With years of experience, we have become the leading debt collection specialist in the UK; recovering thousands of debts every year.

Humble beginnings

Are You Owed Money has firmly established roots within the debt recovery sector. With years of experience, we have become the leading debt collection specialist in the UK; recovering thousands of debts every year.

We began life as a small team from existing debt collection companies to bring you the best experience possible. Matching collections expertise with experienced finance, IT, sales and legal personnel, we aimed to create a firm you can trust.

Our team quickly grew as did our portfolio. Within a few shorts years we have been able to firmly cement our position within the debt recovery sector. We are proud to be constantly evolving, giving you the services you need to effortlessly collect your debts.

Our mission

We serve businesses from all over the UK, ranging from small family owned setups to large multinational corporations.

Our mission statement is to recover your debt as positively and efficiently as possible. Our skill set and determination matches this promise; so much so that we now supply services to countless clients nationwide.

Having gained an exemplary reputation for proficiency in recovering debt we have developed forward thinking team – all here to gain the best results for you.

By listening to and focusing on our client’s needs, we have established that the main areas in a business that become infected by bad debt are:

  • Cash flow negativity
  • Impact on own ability to pay debts
  • Wasted time and costs
  • Loss of reputation and brand

By acknowledging this we have developed an approach which will recover your debts as efficiently as possible, alleviating the effects of the above.

We provide an expert service that will suit you and your business needs; offered at a highly competitive rate. Not only do you gain a free consultation with one of our highly experienced staff, once you employ our services we offer you the unique opportunity to track the progress of your debts with our online 24 hour client login area.

We know it can be a difficult decision to outsource credit control procedures. This is why we offer a free no obligation consultation with one of our representatives who will take the time to answer any questions you have.

Embracing "Kaizen"

We believe in constant improvement. We are always looking to improve and offer you the very best service, exactly how you would like it. With that in mind we are open to suggestions and enjoy hearing feedback from existing customers.

To take a look at what customers are already saying via our testimonials page. We constantly strive to be the best debt collection agency in the UK. With a combination of experience, expert knowledge and sustained customer satisfaction, we believe we can be the agency of choice to resolve your debt recovery issues.

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